Nvidia’s new RTX 2060/3070 Ti/3080 graphics card will be launched next month

According to the latest report,  @hongxing2020 posted on Twitter, Nvidia is expected to release a number of new specifications of graphics cards next month, for the new memory version of the RTX 2060, 3070 Ti, and 3080.

Moreover, @hongxing2020 said that Nvidia will soon release the 12GB version of the RTX 2060 graphics card, the 16GB version of the RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, and the 12GB version of the RTX 3080 graphics card

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The 12GB version of RTX 2060 will be available on December 7th, while the other two graphics cards will be announced on December 17th and will be released on January 11th next year.

In comparison, the current RTX 2060 has 6GB of video memory, the RTX 3070 Ti has 8GB, and the RTX 3080 has 10GB. The upcoming RTX 2060 12GB version of Nvidia will use the same PG161 public version as the original version and the improved TU106-300 GPU core.

Furthermore, the RTX 3070 Ti 16GB will use the current version. With the same core specifications, the RTX 3080 12GB version may use a new specification of Ampere architecture GPU core, with a 384bit bus interface to support 12 GB of memory. At present, the prices of the three new specifications of graphics cards are temporarily unknown.

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