Samsung announced technology to power DISH’s 5G network in the US

Samsung Dish's 5G network US

Just now, Samsung, the Korean tech giant has announced its network technology will power the DISH’s 5G network in the US. As per the information, the Samsung network will provide 5G and RAN solutions, vRAN software, and O-RAM-compatible Massive MIMO radio units for DISH’s 5G network across the US.

However, Samsung’s 5G radio units will support FDD and TDD spectrum bands including n29, n48, n66, n70, n71, and n77. Further, the company’s vRAN unit provides the ability to use off-the-shelf servers even on traditional hardware-based equipment.

DISH wireless can use multi-vendor hardware and complete various deployment scenarios because the whole network will be based on Cloud-native architecture. At the moment, the US-based network provide is testing a 5G network using the Samsung Galaxy S22. As per the plan, the Samsung smartphones will be used as a reference throughout the whole network deployment process.

Samsung Dish's 5G network US

In this regard, the President of COO of DISH Wireless said:

Samsung’s 5G solutions will play an integral role in our network expansion, giving us the flexibility to deploy our cloud-native network with software-based solutions that support advanced services and operational scalability. We look forward to working with Samsung, whose industry leadership in vRAN and O-RAN innovation will help support our vision of delivering open, interoperable cloud-based 5G services to consumers and enterprises across the U.S.


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