Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra equips Wi-Fi 6E chips developed by Broadcom

Two years ago, Wi-Fi 6 technology was first introduced with Samsung Galaxy S10 series devices. And recently, Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy S21 series smartphones on January 14. The top variant of this new lineup – Galaxy S21 Ultra is the world’s first mobile phone that supports the Wi-Fi 6E standard.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is equipped with Broadcom Wi-Fi 6E BCM4389 chip. This chip also supports Bluetooth 5.0 function. Faster Wi-Fi speed, and more. The Wi-Fi 6E wireless standard uses the 6GHz spectrum to double the theoretical data transmission speed from 1.2Gbps to 2.4Gbps.

If the Galaxy S21 Ultra is paired with a Wi-Fi 6E certified router, much faster download and upload speeds can be achieved. Wi-Fi 6E will help you transfer 4K/8K videos, download large files, and online games.

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As per the info, only the US and South Korea allow the use of the 6GHz spectrum. Besides, Europe, Chile, Brazil, UAE, and UK are expected to open up the 6GHz spectrum use this year.

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