Samsung Bot Fit robot Q3 2024 

Samsung to unveil its first wearable robot ‘Bot Fit’ in Q3 2024 

Key Points 

  • Samsung plans to introduce its first wearable robot ‘Bot Fit’ in Q3 2024.
  • This product is designed to assist with mobility issues and enhance physical activity.
  • Development and mass production of Samsung’s first wearable robot finished successfully.

Samsung is reportedly set to unveil its first-ever wearable robot called ‘Bot Fit’ in the third quarter of 2024. This innovative device aims to improve the lives of people facing mobility challenges. Accordingly, this robotics will help Samsung give LG Electronics tough competition.

As per the details, the South Korean tech giant has successfully concluded the development and mass production of Bot Fit. Hence, Samsung’s first wearable robot Bot Fit is perhaps ready to hit the market in Q3 2024. In addition, the maker is also developing next-generation humanoid robots.

The report further states that Samsung is been supplying Bot Fit prototypes to senior communities, since late last year. Simultaneously, Cho Hye-kyung, a robotics expert and applied AI professor at Hansung University, is also been appointed as a new outside director.


Exact details about the Samsung wearable robot are currently under wraps. However, we can expect that this wearable robot will enhance physical activity and the overall quality of life for individuals facing mobility issues.

A Samsung representative explained,

  • “The R&D team has completed the development of Bot Fit and is preparing for the next steps. The reorganization aims to strengthen the robotics business.”

Samsung Bot Fit robot Q3 2024 


Samsung to unveil its first wearable robot ‘Bot Fit’ in Q3 2024 

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