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Android Tips and Tricks: What are running services and how to stop them in your device?

It is a true fact that not every phone gets the newest and latest version of Android to try out new features.

However, there are some hidden features already available in previous versions of Android which later make their official release in newer versions.

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Meanwhile, most hidden Android settings are located under the Developer Options Menu, you need to enable Developer Options by tapping 7 times on the Build Number of your phone.

Once done, the developer options will show up under the system settings which have a bunch of cool options.

Running Services

Even if you remove all apps from the recent menu, some apps still keep running in the background which can drain your battery, increase data consumption, and occupies RAM.

You can manually kill those running services from developer options.

  • Open Phone Settings
  • Under System, go to Developer Options
  • Click on running services
  • Tap on the app you want to kill
  • Press the stop button

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