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Here’s How to enable Motion Sense in Google Pixel 4

Google’s stock Android is not just a simple UI that represents Android as it also offers a bunch of cool features that we usually not see in the other devices of the premium range.

For example, Motion Sense got cut from the Pixel 4a to make it cheaper, but it’s on the Pixel 4, letting you control certain functions using gestures in front of your phone.

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It sounds gimmicky, but it’s more useful than you might think: Alarms quieten down as you move your hand towards your phone, for example, and you can skip through music playlists with a wave.

To make sure Motion Sense is switched on, open up Settings on your Pixel 4 and tap on System then Motion Sense.

You can enable or disable the feature as a whole, or turn it on and off for specific functions—pausing music, skipping songs, and silencing interruptions (and perhaps more to come?). You get instructions on how each feature works, as well.

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