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One UI 3.1 Tip: Make use of One-handed mode in Samsung Galaxy M42

It’s not always easy to navigate the phone or use it with one hand due to the big screens trend in the latest smartphones.

However, Samsung Galaxy M42 has a solution for this in its feature called One-handed mode that lets you use the phone with a single hand easily.

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Moreover, the screen shrinks smaller so that your thumb can access all the corners of the screen.

How to enable?

Turn on the one-handed mode on the Samsung Galaxy M42, go to the Settings -> Advanced features -> One-handed mode, and enable the slider.

You have two options to use the feature, either by a gesture or the Home button shortcut.

To use the gesture, swipe down in the center of the bottom edge of the screen or double-tap the Home button to enter the One-handed mode.

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