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How to quickly launch an app in Oppo Find X3 smartphones? [ColorOS 11]

Oppo’s 2021 flagship phones, Find X3s are excellent, in nearly every imaginable way. And as is always the case for Oppo, the ColorOS 11 Android skin it’s loaded with is full to the brim with lots of great features.

Some of them help get the best out of your phone, and others are just useful to know

One cool feature is the ability to quickly launch an app immediately after unlocking the phone. If you have an app you want to get to quickly and easily, this is very useful.

How to quickly launch an app?

So, go to Settings > Convenience Tools > Quick Launch and toggle it on. Now tap the ‘Edit’ button and choose any shortcut functions or apps you want to get to.

For instance, you could have it go directly to create a new calendar event, or compose a new text message, or just launch your to-do list app to jot down a quick reminder.

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To use it, tap and hold your fingerprint sensor when you unlock your phone and keep it held down until you see your shortcuts appear. Now slide to the app or function you want to launch.

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