WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Here’s how to archive your chats


TelegramSignal, and there are various other options available when it comes to online messaging services. However, WhatsApp has a lot of unique yet privacy-oriented features that make it widely used extensively. Due to this, the Facebook-owned app claims to have over two billion users worldwide, which is pretty incredible.


How to archive your chats

Archive Chat allows the user to hide their conversation from the chat screen, at the same time available in a different corner of the app. It does not delete the chat – it just allows you to remove it from your main chat screen without losing it, helping you organize your conversations.

You can archive groups or individual chats, and they will disappear until you pull down from the top of the Chats display and tap the Archived Chats tab. You can also archive all chats.

On iOS: 

  • Go to Chats > Specific chat > Swipe right to left > Archive / Settings > Chats > Archive All Chats.

On Android:

  • Go to Chats > Long press on chat > Press the archive folder at the top right of the screen

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