Android 13 is running on 5.2% of all devices less than 6 months after launch

Android 13 themed icons

Google introduced Android 13 OS back in August last year, and the latest version has now over 5% share of all devices, globally. The company has recently updated the Android distribution numbers on Android Studio, which shows Android 13 is running on 5.2% of all devices.

Last time, Google updated the Android distribution numbers a few days before the Android 13 launch. In just 5 months after its initial debut, 2022’s new mobile platform version reached 5.2% of all Android phones/tablets worldwide.


The data updated in Android Studio also reveals that Android 12 and 12L now account for 18.9% of the total, which was 13.5% in August 2022. Moreover, Android Oreo dropped below 10%, KitKat dropped from 0.9% to 0.7% and Android Jelly Bean has removed from the list.


Google should say thanks to Samsung for rapidly spreading the reach of the Android 13 operating system. The company started the public One UI 5 rollout with this new Android version in October 2022 and distributed it among millions of customers globally.

Android 13 5.2% share January 2023


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