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Oppo ColorOS 7.2 features: Super Night View video, AI App Pre-launch, Oppo Lab and more

by RPRNA Group

Along with the Oppo Reno 4 series, Oppo also unveiled the ColorOS 7.2. Here are the key highlights of ColorOS 7.2:

Oppo ColorOS 7.2 Features:

  • Super Night View Video
  • Movie Mode
  • New Soloop Video Editor,
  • Super Power Saving Mode
  • AI Application Pre-launch
  • Intelligent Picture (AI ​​repair)
  • Open Camera SDK
  • Icon Shrink

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Super Night View Video:

The new moonlight night scene video algorithm can effectively increase the overall picture brightness of the video by 74% and the clarity of the video picture by 33%. At the same time, it can shoot clearer and brighter videos under extremely dim light conditions and present more professional colors

Movie mode

There is a new video creation shooting movie mode with 21:9 shooting format, 10 movie-level filters from real movies, equipped with multiple movie templates, supporting adjustment of exposure compensation, shutter speed, and other parameters. This feature is part of the ColorOS Soloop video editor.

Super Power Saving Mode:

When the super power-saving mode is turned on, it let you chat on WeChat for 1.5 hours and consumes only 5% of the power. It also optimizes the super night scene video image algorithm, uses the intelligent framework power-saving algorithm. It learns the user’s sleeping habits and saves power at night. It can effectively reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone and realize the “full scene intelligent power saving”.

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AI Application Pre-Launch:

This will learn according to the daily usage habits of a user to pre-launch an application, it will save power and improve application startup efficiency.

AI ​​Repair:

The AI ​​repair algorithm can make blurry and noisy portraits more clear and no longer worry about blurry and unclear photos with others!


The “OPPO LAB” platform was launched for the first time on ColorOS 7.2, which is an OPPO innovative product release and experiment platform. Users can experience the latest fun features for the first time, and can also put forward their own ideas to create more new possibilities together!

Open Camera SDK:

You can now try out the third-party camera apps like GCam and use video stabilization, video HDR, Super Wide-Angle function, Super Wide-Angle, and more.

Icon Sink:

This time ColorOS 7.2 also brings the icon sinking function, so that everyone can easily and conveniently open the application when operating the phone with one hand. It can be triggered by swiping from bottom to top on either side of the phone desktop.


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