Good Lock bringing landscape mode for Multistar, Notistar, and Navstar

Samsung’s One UI is one of the best-customized UI that gives you the best user experience compared to stock Android. Even, some users want more customization on their phones they can use the Good Lock modules.

Now, Samsung updating its three Good Lock modules, Notistar, Navstar, and Multistar, and bringing them a capability to support horizontal orientation to provide users a better experience when devices rotate to landscape mode.

Updated versions:

  1. Notistar –
  2. Navistar –
  3. Multistar (Android 10 only) – 3.3.40

Notistar manages notification and allows you to search through past notifications. Navstar allows you to create and customize the navigation bar. Multistar features you to run multiple windows without interrupting the other window.

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