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Google plans to give a fresh new look to status bar icons with Android 15

The next iteration of the Android operating system is expected to bring bundles of new features and advancements for users and one of the main refinements could be seen in UI design. Recently, Android Authority hinted that Google is planning to give the status bar icons a fresh new look with Android 15.

With the arrival of Android 15, users could expect to see revamped icons on their Android devices’ status bar. It’s worth mentioning that, the status bar icons are an important part of the smartphone interface, providing users with quick and easily accessible necessary information.

Android 15 revamped status bar icons

Talking about the substantial changes, so the upcoming version of Android OS will change the icons of Wi-Fi, network, and battery. Android 15 aligns the battery icon horizontally with the battery level inside it. In addition, Google has also updated the charging pin when you plug in your device.


Aside from status bar icons, Google also seems to be planning to add some haptic feedback to the Quick Settings panel and volume panel of Android devices. To be mentioned, these tweaks will enhance the overall aesthetics of our Android devices and make the experience more enjoyable.

As the clearer and more intuitive icons will make it easier for users to quickly understand and interact with the information displayed on their device’s status bar. However, these changes are currently in development and are not even available to test for public users through beta.

Android 15 status bar icons


Google plans to give a fresh new look to status bar icons with Android 15

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