Samsung devices August 2023 update

Google to bless new devices with 7 Android OS upgrades, what about Samsung?

Google Pixel 8 series will be unveiled on October 4 and ahead of its official launch, a leaked specs sheet of the upcoming models has caught the attention of users, especially of the Galaxy fans. As per the info, Google must be planning to bless the Pixel 8 devices with 7 Android OS upgrades, however, this information has left many Samsung users wondering about their devices.

Samsung, being one of the leading manufacturers of Android devices, is known for its rock-solid software update support policy. The tech maker already offers four years of Android OS and five years of security updates to Galaxy devices. Which is already more than what most other Android manufacturers provide.

However, when compared to Google’s new tipped software plan, it falls short by 3 upgrades. This discrepancy has left some Samsung users feeling disappointed and concerned about the longevity of their devices. Samsung has always been committed to providing a good user experience and timely software updates, so it is possible that they may reconsider their upgrade policy in light of Google’s announcement.

In the past, Samsung has been known to introduce new features and improvements through its own software updates, even if they are not accompanied by a major OS upgrade. This approach has helped Samsung devices to stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology.

Therefore, even if Samsung does not offer 7 Android OS upgrades, it is likely that they will continue to provide regular updates to enhance the user experience.

Samsung devices August 2023 update

Google to bless new devices with 7 Android OS upgrades, what about Samsung?

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