June 2023 Android Feature Drop

Here’s what we can expect from Google’s March Pixel Feature Drop

Google works tirelessly to provide its users with a supreme level of experience and for that the firm brings the Pixel Feature Drop to its devices every quarter, offering an array of new features and tweaks on Pixel devices. Therefore, here we will see some offerings that we can expect from Google’s March Pixel Feature Drop.

According to the details, based on the Android 14 QPR 2 release, the Android Central team, and Android expert Mishaal Rahman have revealed plenty of features that are expected to arrive as part of the March Pixel Feature Drop. Therefore below you can check the tweaks, which may arrive for your Pixel devices next month.

1. Google is tweaking how the Bluetooth quick toggle works in the Quick Settings menu. Tapping the Bluetooth quick toggle will now show a pop-up window so you can switch between devices or toggle Bluetooth on or off.

2. System updates may also get a speed boost, which means the seamless updates take much less time. This is great news but brands that don’t support Seamless Updates, like Samsung, won’t benefit from this change.

3. The next feature drop may also make changes to screen recording, likewise, users can now choose to record a single app rather than recording your screen in general to offer better privacy.

4. Android 14 QPR2 also gains the option to cast a single app via the system casting tool rather than casting your entire phone. This will be helpful if you want to cast an app that doesn’t natively support casting but doesn’t want to expose your notifications and other sensitive system details.

5. Tapping the camera or mic indicators in Android 14 QPR2 now produces a different result, it shows a pop-up window that allows you to close the app in question or manage access to these permissions.

March Pixel Feature Drop


Here’s what we can expect from Google’s March Pixel Feature Drop

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