Nvidia released 466.11 driver update, fixes bug

Recently, Nvidia released the official version of the GeForce 466.11 graphics card driver update. The most important thing in this update is to give support for the game ‘Mortal Shell’ that can turn on the RTX graphics card’s light tracking, DLSS, and other functions. In addition, some bugs have been fixed.

The following is the update log:

  • The RTX version of “Deadly Shell” can now enable the DLSS function, which improves performance by approximately 130% at 4K resolution.
  • The FPS game “Fearless Contract” supports NVIDIA Reflex technology.
  • Support G-SYNC for 6 new product monitors and TVs.
  • Fixed the problem that the FPS frame rate of the first and second versions of the game “Supreme Commander” was too low.
  • Fixes the compatibility bug of Adobe Camera RAW, which will cause the photos to be completely black when the Adobe Lightroom software displays RAW photos.
  • Fixed the issue where the VR mode freezes when GPU hardware acceleration is disabled in “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020”.
  • Fixed a bug that some monitors may display incorrect colors after starting the Windows system.

The official version of the 466.11 graphics card driver update was released on April 14. The driver supports GTX 800M series and above mobile graphics cards, and GeForce 600 series and above desktop graphics cards.


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