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OnePlus 12 first update adds ProXDR to Google Photos and Master Mode

On January 23, 2024, the OnePlus 12 officially debuts in the global market, and on the next week of its launch the device received its first update, packed with a bunch of polishes as well as ProXDR for Google Photos and new Master mode for its camera.

As we all know, the UltraHD is a big new feature of the latest flagship phones, and with its first software update, the OnePlus 12 is adding its “ProXDR” to the Google Photos app. This edition of the ProXDR feature on the OnePlus 12 will help users view UltraHDR content in a vibrant format.

In addition, the update also adds Master Mode to the OnePlus 12 already outstanding camera. Notably, it is a rebranded and enhanced version of the Pro Mode found on previous OnePlus phones. It gives users more control over the camera by offering the following features:

  • Manual adjustments: You can adjust settings like ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and focus manually, giving you more creative control over your photos.
  • Hasselblad color tuning: OnePlus has partnered with the legendary camera maker Hasselblad to bring their signature color science to the OnePlus 12. This means you can expect photos with natural-looking colors and accurate skin tones.
  • RAW capture: You can capture photos in RAW format, which gives you even more flexibility when editing them later.
  • Fine-tuning adjustments: Master Mode also lets you fine-tune things like contrast, saturation, sharpness, and vignette before you take the photo.

This first firmware will further bring improvements in the system stability, the success rate of fingerprint unlock, compatibility of Wi-Fi network, NFC function, and Bluetooth connections to offer consumers a more seamless experience.

Consequently, the update is rolling out with OxygenOS version CPH2573_14.0.0.404(EX01) and it’s a giant update that weighs around 7GB. Accordingly, it will be available to many as an out-of-the-box update when they first get the device.



• ProXDR is now available for Google’s Photos app.
• Improves system stability.
• Improves the success rate of fingerprint unlock.


• Improves the stability and compatibility of Wi-Fi network connections.
• Improves the stability and expands the compatibility of the NFC function.
• Improves the stability and expands the compatibility of Bluetooth connections.


• Adds Master mode that features Hasselblad color tuning to enhance your photos with more natural and vibrant colors.

OnePlus 12 first update ProXDR Master Mode

OnePlus 12 first update adds ProXDR to Google Photos and Master Mode

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