Samsung Galaxy A52 May 2023 update US

Samsung Galaxy A52 grabs April 2024 security update

Samsung resumes its long-paused April 2024 security update rollout and Galaxy A52 4G has become the first A series phone to collect it. Accordingly, it’s an initial rollout and the patch is live in some Asian countries at the moment, however, it will expand to more region users soon.

As per the details, the April 2024 update for Galaxy A52 4G is rolling out with One UI build version A525FXXS6EXC7 in Russia and the consumers in Kazakhstan are collecting it with version A525FXXS6EXC9. We also recommend to have sufficient storage before moving toward the installation process.

Samsung Galaxy A52 April 2024 update

Moving on, the April 2024 update will work on the core mechanism of your handy gadget and boost its overall performance to offer users a hassle-free and optimized experience. In addition, the update also provides improved protection against malicious threats, viruses, and other cyber-related assaults.

It further offers increased security for the system and helps to fix bugs and glitches that may have been discovered in the system, reducing the risk of system crashes and data loss. Other than this, there are no new features or major changes have been noticed in the changelog.

However, if you reside in any of the mentioned countries, then check for the patch and install it manually by following some simple steps. Visit the Settings app and tap on the Software Update menu. Now, press the Download and Install key and follow the onscreen instructions.


This was for the 4G variant, but the South Korean tech giant has moved the 5G variant of the Galaxy A52 smartphone to the quarterly update schedule. Yes, the device might not receive offerings of the April 2024 security patch. Read more.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 grabs April 2024 security update

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