Samsung Galaxy S20 series receives One UI system update in China

Galaxy S20 2nd August 2022 update

Recently, Samsung S20 series mobile phones have pushed the One UI system update, the version is G9860ZCU3FVF2 / G98600ZL3FVF2 / G9860ZCU3FVF2, and the download size is 833.23 MB.

Here are the updates:

New smart car connection service: Baidu CarLife + Samsung version, which can connect the mobile phone and the car, so that you can use the mobile phone functions on the large screen of the car, including navigation, listening to songs, making calls, etc., bringing convenience to your travel.


Improves the overall stability of the device.

The latest Android security patches are applied.

– Improved device security.

Baidu CarLife + Samsung version realizes the seamless connection between the mobile phone and the car, enabling users to use mobile phone functions on the large screen of the car, such as viewing real-time maps, voice navigation, making calls by voice, checking traffic conditions, playing online music, etc.

The voice assistant can liberate the user’s hands; the navigation function not only has massive map data but also can be updated online in real time through the mobile phone; the content or navigation data that the user listens to on the mobile phone can also be seamlessly transferred to the car device.

The first batch of adaptive apps for Baidu CarLife + Samsung Edition include Baidu Maps, Baby Bus Story, Lazy Listen, Samsung Music, Himalaya, the most beautiful weather, etc.

Baidu CarLife + Samsung version incorporates the One UI style, bringing a newly designed interface. The layout of the new interface is more reasonable and beautiful. Whether it is voice, touch, knob, or other multi-modal interactions, users have a new experience.

Through Baidu CarLife + Samsung Edition, users’ Samsung mobile phones can connect to more than 1,000 models of more than 70 brands, and support wired and wireless connection methods.


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