Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera update June

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may not receive any big Camera update until June 2024 

Key Points 

  • A reliable tipster suggests at least a month delay in the next camera update of Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  • Users of Galaxy S24 Ultra will have to wait till June to receive an update that will boost camera capabilities.
  • The month of May will not bring any substantial changes to the camera department of the Galaxy S24 Series.

Consumers of the Galaxy S24 series have been eagerly anticipating a significant camera update for their beloved devices. However, now it seems the wait will be a little longer than expected, as the next camera update of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has been delayed till June 2024.

According to the information of IceUniverse, Samsung has delayed the Galaxy S24 Ultra camera update at least until June. It means, the much-anticipated camera update, expected to be released in May 2024, has been stalled and is now set to arrive possibly in June 2024.

This upcoming camera update of Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to bring exciting enhancements, better image quality, and improved overall performance. It will further enhance camera capabilities and take smartphone photography to new heights.


It’s worth mentioning that, the delay in the camera update may be disappointing for eager Galaxy S24 Ultra users, but this additional time will allow, the Korean tech giant to fine-tune and optimize the camera update, ensuring a seamless and more relevant user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may not receive any big Camera update until June 2024 

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