Samsung June 2022 Android security patch details released

Samsung has already started releasing the June 2022 security patch, starting May 23 for the Galaxy Tab S7+ devices. While the South Korean tech giant has distributed the latest Android patches for several flagships and mid-range Galaxy devices, a security bulletin has just been published on the support page.


In addition to the security update rollout, Samsung is also expanding the Android 12-based One UI 4.1 update to several Galaxy devices across the world. In the meantime, Samsung didn’t forget to bring new security updates for eligible Galaxy devices.

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Samsung June 2022 Security Patch Details 

Samsung June 2022 Android Security Patch Details 

As with the June 2022 bulletin shared on the official security update support page, Samsung’s latest Android patches come with fixes for various categories of issues and exploits, including 5 critical, 14 high, and 13 medium for better device stability. At the same time, 2 CVEs were already included in the previous patch.

Samsung June 2022 Android security update details (Bulletin) include the following CVE items:


  • CVE-2021-35090,CVE-2022-20130,CVE-2022-20127,CVE-2022-20140,CVE-2022-20145


  • CVE-2022-20009,CVE-2022-20008,CVE-2022-0847,CVE-2022-20110,CVE-2022-20109,CVE-2021-35080,CVE-2021-35094,CVE-2021-35072,CVE-2021-35087,CVE-2021-35076,CVE-2021-35073,CVE-2021-35086,CVE-2021-35096,CVE-2021-35078,CVE-2021-35116,CVE-2022-22057,CVE-2022-22068,CVE-2022-22065,CVE-2022-22064,CVE-2021-39691,CVE-2022-20125,CVE-2022-20138,CVE-2021-39624,CVE-2022-20124,CVE-2022-20126,CVE-2022-20133,CVE-2022-20134,CVE-2022-20135,CVE-2022-20137,CVE-2022-20142,CVE-2022-20144,CVE-2022-20147,CVE-2022-20123,CVE-2022-20131,CVE-2022-20129,CVE-2022-20143,CVE-2021-39690,CVE-2021-0506,CVE-2021-39671


  • CVE-2021-22600

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2022-20006

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-20084,CVE-2022-22072

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