Samsung One UI 6.1 features

Samsung One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI is here, check every new feature here: Complete changelog

Samsung has started the rollout of the major One UI 6.1 update with Galaxy AI features. The latest offering from the South Korean smartphone maker comes with a hefty download size and several new features and improvements.

The One UI 6.1 highlights several smart functions to Samsung Internet, Gallery, Voice Recorder, Call, Messages, and more that use AI to provide a better and more intuitive experience.

Here’s everything in the One UI 6.1: Changelog

Circle to Search

  • Circle to Search quickly provides information about objects, images, or text shown on your screen. Touch and hold the Home button to enable Circle to Search, then simply circle the displayed content using your finger to see additional details.


  • Tap the Call assist button during a phone call.
  • Select Live translate, then start talking. The other person on the call can hear what you say in their language.
  • You can select the language you’d like your call to be translated to. Use the download option in settings to download more languages

Samsung Messages

  • Chat Assist will suggest corrections and other useful details. You can change your writing style or get spelling and grammar corrections and suggestions. For example, after composing a message using the Samsung Messages app, select the AI icon   on the Samsung keyboard, then choose the correction you’d like to implement and wait for the AI to process it.
  • Select Chat translation to view messages in your language.
  • Select Writing style to change the tone of your messages.


  • With Interpreter, you can engage in spontaneous conversations with locals while traveling as the split-screen feature generates text translations for live conversations.
  • Tap Interpreter in the Quick Panel, choose your preferred language, and tap the mic button to speak. You can download additional languages in Interpreter settings.

Samsung Note

  • With AI in Samsung Note, you can simply turn big blocks of text into easy-to-read bullet points with the Auto format option by selecting the AI icon  . In addition to Auto format, you can choose other options. The Summarize option gives you a quick summary of the text you selected. Correct spelling helps to correct your spelling errors. Translate can translate your notes to the language you’d like to translate them to

Voice Recorder

  • With AI, you can easily summarize and translate your voice recording from meetings, lectures, voice memos and more into text by using the Voice Recorder app. In addition, you can summarize them for a quick review.
  • Select a recording you want to transcribe > select Transcribe > select the language > wait for the AI to process the transcription.
  • Once the AI process is completed, you will see the full text transcript. Select Summary if you’d like a quick summary. Select the   button to translate the text to a different language.

Browsing Assist (Samsung Internet)

  • Summarize and translate webpages as you browse the internet.
  • Tap the Browsing assist icon and get a summary or translation of the current webpage, powered by advanced intelligence


Generative Edit

  • Reimage your pictures with Photo Editor. You can move people and objects around, resize them, or remove them entirely. You can even change the angle of images, then fill in the gaps around the edges.
  • For example, select a photo from the Gallery app > select Edit > select the  icon > select an object and move it to a different position > select Generate > and select Done once the AI process is completed. Save the image if you like the complete look. Please note, an AI generated image will have a mark   on the bottom of the image to show it is processed by AI and not a real picture.

Edit Suggestions

  • If you’re not sure how to edit a photo or video in the Gallery app, let AI Edit Suggestion help you out. This feature provides editing suggestions, such as removing reflections and unwanted objects, remastering your photos, colorizing and adding portrait effects to transform and elevate your photos and videos.
  • Select the icon to view the suggested editing options on the photo you selected, then chose the option you want to implement.

Call & Text on other devices

  • Call & Message Continuity syncs your calls and messages across your Samsung devices.
  • To enable this, go to settings > Connected devices > select Call & Text on other devices.
  • Once you’re in settings, choose the device you want to sync your calls, messages or both to. Please note Samsung account is needed.

Mobile network settings

  • 5G toggle on and off settings have been added to the Mobile networks menu to allow you to turn off 5G if you don’t want to use it. Simply toggle it back to enable 5G again. Go to settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Choose the 5G setting you want to turn off (“Allow 5G service” or “Use 5G standalone networks” or both).
Samsung One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI is here, check every new feature here: Complete changelog

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