Samsung rolls out wrong One UI 2.0 beta to the Galaxy S10 series in the UK, new update incoming

Samsung rolls out a new One UI 2.0 beta software update for the Galaxy S10 series in the UK, but wait. It was a mistake. The latest update was not complete which contains few bugs as officially confirmed by Samsung in the UK community.

A few Galaxy S10 series users in the country have already downloaded the latest buggy One UI 2.0 beta update. Well, Samsung has already confirmed that the new One UI 2.0 beta software update is coming soon to the Galaxy S10 series users in the country.

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galaxy s10 one ui 2.0 beta uk

Image: Samsung

Samsung said:

“The binary that you have downloaded is not the official beta binary since it still needs some tests and confirmation. We apologize for the inconvenience that it might have caused. we will release the proper binary for you as soon as it is possible.”

Image: Samsung

Additionally, , Samsung UK Community Manager, told:

“As you may have already seen, this morning a version of the Beta was temporarily made available in the UK. We have now removed access to this version, but don’t worry you haven’t missed out! We will be releasing the UK Beta very soon, keep checking Samsung Members to register and join the beta.”

One user, who already downloaded the One UI 2.0 beta update asked in the community “will I get the OTA zsjd, as I’m on zsj8 now?”

In the response of the above question, SachikoT said:

“As one of the folks who downloaded today, your next version will be the latest release version and will align with the rest of the UK users who join the Beta when it becomes available.”

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