One UI 6 Beta battery draining issue

Samsung to introduce Battery AI feature with One UI 6.1.1

Key Points 

  • Samsung could bring Battery AI to Galaxy devices with One UI 6.1.1 software.
  • Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 could be the foremost devices to support Battery AI.
  • Battery AI feature will bring a 5 to 10 percent boost in the overall runtime of the device.

Samsung is rumored to bring an all-new Battery AI feature with One UI 6.1.1 software. However, this advanced feature was earlier expected to arrive with One UI 7. Battery life has always been a crucial factor for users and Samsung’s upcoming feature could address this concern.

According to the information of @PandaFlashPro, Samsung has planned to utilize the prominent Battery AI feature in the upcoming phone – Galaxy Z Fold 6. This feature aims to optimize battery usage by approximately 20 to 30 minutes and enhance the overall battery life on Galaxy devices.

It’s worth mentioning that the tipster didn’t confirm the inclusion of Battery AI on One UI 6.1.1, but is expected to be employed on Galaxy Z Fold 6 and this phone will come pre-installed with One UI 6.1.1. Thus, we can expect the arrival of Battery AI with this intermediate version of One UI.


Consequently, there are no further details available about this upcoming feature yet, all we can expect is the extended battery life without compromising on functionality.

Samsung One UI 6.1.1 Battery AI


Samsung to introduce Battery AI feature with One UI 6.1.1

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