Windows 11 23506 update features

Windows 11 Insider 25941 build brings new changes and improvements

The Windows 11 Insider build 25941 has arrived, bringing with it a host of exciting changes and improvements for Canary Channel. This latest build reflects Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to refining the Windows 11 experience.

Users can also look forward to a more polished graphics and cast experience, with several bug fixes and enhancements. Additionally, the graph at the top of the Power & Battery page in Settings has also been removed.  However, you can check all the details of the Windows 11 Insider 25941 build below.

Changes and Refinements


  • In this Insider Preview build, you may notice that there have been some changes in the advanced display settings page via Settings > System > Display > Advanced display.
  • Dynamic refresh rate can now be enabled via a toggle. After being enabled, Windows will then dynamically adjust the refresh rate up to the selected rate to help save power.
  • Additionally, the firm has made small changes to help bring awareness to limitations (related to the display or the cable being used) that may not allow you to set a high refresh rate while being on a high display resolution.
  • When selecting a refresh rate, you may notice some refresh rates will show an asterisk. That means that in order to select that specific refresh rate, the display resolution will need to be changed to one that supports the selected refresh rate.
  • This behavior happens when there are limitations due to the cable or the display’s capabilities and is not new, but we wanted to make sure you were aware of it.


  • Building off the Cast improvements introduced with Build 25926, we have updated the Cast flyout in Quick Settings with additional support for you in case you face any trouble discovering nearby displays, fixing connections, and more.


  • The graph at the top of the Power & Battery page in Settings has been removed. Insiders can continue to see a graph of battery usage in the battery usage section further down the page. The Power & Battery settings page is also no longer broken up into “Power” and “Battery” sections.

Fixes for known issues

  • Fixed issues impacting the File Explorer context menu and command bar dropdowns, causing them to become transparent, and not work with touch.
  • Fixed issues impacting File Explorer launch reliability.
  • Fixed issues causing the Japanese and Chinese IMEs to not work properly in certain apps, and to not work correctly in the File Explorer search box.
  • Fixed an issue causing Settings to crash when looking at detailed battery usage.
  • The new options for tuning intensity and color boost of Color Filters now have labels.


Windows 11 23506 update features


Windows 11 Insider 25941 build brings new changes and improvements

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