Xiaomi 11T grabs Android 13 based MIUI 14 major update

Xiaomi 11T MIUI 14 update

Xiaomi is rolling out its Android 13-based MIUI 14 major software update, for all eligible devices gradually and the Xiaomi 11T smartphones are the latest to grab it. It brings a whole new user experience for users with its latest features and modifications.

Xiaomi 11T smartphone users are initially receiving the MIUI 14 update in the Global market, however, it will expand to more users in the coming time. Users can identify the Android 13 update via the MIUI build version V14.0.3.0.TKWMIXM and a package size of 3.2GB.

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By looking at the changelog, we found that this MIUI version uses less memory and is super quick and responsive over much more extended periods. It further redefines personalization and brings it to a new level, to offer a more accurate performance than the previous version.

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The new super icons will make your Home screen look more beautiful, the widget formats allow more combinations, for a more convenient experience. Additionally, the search in Settings is also get developed. You can check the complete changelog of the update below.

But before showing you the functionalities, let me tell you the update is released via the OTA format and it may take some time to get available for all users. So just wait or just install the update manually through the Setting > System > Software Update > Downlaod & Install.

Xiaomi 11T MIUI 14 update

MIUI 14 – Changelog 

Basic experience

  • MIUI uses less memory now and keeps being swift and responsive over much more extended periods.


  • Super icons will give your Home screen a new look. (Update Home screen and Themes to the latest version to be able to use Super icons.)
  • Home screen folders will highlight the apps you need most making them just one tap away from you.
  • New widget formats allow more combinations, making your experience even more convenient.
  • Attention to detail redefines personalization and brings it to a new level.

Privacy protection

  • More than 30 scenes now support end-to-end privacy with no data stored in the cloud and all actions performed locally on the device.
  • You can press and hold the text on a Gallery image to instantly recognize it now. 8 languages are supported.

Family services

  • Set your shared album as a screensaver on your TV and let all your family members enjoy these joyful memories together!
  • Family services allow sharing of health data (e.g. heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep) with family members.
  • Child accounts offer a series of sophisticated measures of parental controls, from limiting screen time and restricting app usage to setting a secure area.
  • Family services allow sharing all the essential things with the people you care about most.
  • Family services allow creating of groups with up to 8 members and offer various roles with different permissions.
  • You can share photo albums with your family group now. Everyone in the group will be able to view and upload new items.

Mi AI voice assistant

  • Dealing with calls is so convenient with Mi AI: it can filter spam calls or easily take care of the calls for you.
  • Mi AI is no longer just a voice assistant. You can use it as a scanner, translator, call assistant, and more.
  • Mi AI allows you to perform complicated daily tasks by using simple voice commands. Communicating with your device could never be easier.
  • With Mi AI, you can scan and recognize anything – be it an unfamiliar plant or an important document.
  • Mi AI is ready to help whenever you bump into a language barrier. Smart translation tools support multiple languages.

Status bar, Notification shade

  • Fix: Status bar wasn’t displayed correctly in some cases

More features and improvements

  • Search in Settings is now more advanced. With search history and categories in results, everything looks much crisper now.
  • Your device can work with much more types of wireless card readers. You can open supported cars or swipe student IDs with your phone now.
  • Whenever you sign out of your account, you can choose to keep all your cards on the device without having to add them again next time.
  • You can boost connection speed using mobile data when the Wi-Fi signal is too weak.

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