Xiaomi MIUI Settings update with all-new screen time management

Xiaomi MIUI Settings

Xiaomi MIUI Settings receives a new update that teaches some new features for the Global ROM as V2.9.8.9. According to this update, the application can showcase the screen time management feature for the users. Moreover, the update adds persistency and makes the internal functions of the application more firm as well as reliable.


The new update doesn’t mention any specific changelog. To make it clear, the update only tells how to apply the screen time management feature to the Xiaomi MIUI Settings in Global ROM. On the other hand, it shows some methods through which we can enable the feature to the devices.

What is Screen Time Management?

Screen time management is an attribute of rules and routines that allows setting a limit for watching your screen. Generally, the feature helps with the parental idea of putting a halt and restricting the kids to spend hours on the smartphone. Through this feature, you can set up a screen-watching time, appropriate subjects to watch, and can turn off the device accordingly.

How to Enable the Feature in Global ROM?

The Global ROM users can follow the given below instructions for enabling the screen time management feature on their devices. Firstly you have to install the Settings application. If it is already pre-installed on the device then move ahead.

  • Install the activity application “Activity Launcher” to the device.

You can install the app by clicking HERE

  • Open the Launcher and type Settings in the search bar
  • Now Tap on the Settings and click on the link that says:


Xiaomi MIUI Settings

  • A Daily screen time limit Dashboard will be displayed on the screen
  • Click on the Hamburger menu and select “Home Screen Shortcut”

Xiaomi MIUI Settings

As you select the above-mentioned option, a “screen time” icon will be available on your home screen. Now you can easily use the feature on your device.


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