Xiaomi updates MIUI Alpha Launcher with new optimizations and fixes

MIUI Alpha Launcher update

Xiaomi rolls out a new update for the MIUI Alpha Launcher application. This new update arrives with various optimizations and bug fixes for the app. As a result, the user can now utilize the app in a more effective way. As well as can perform the tasks more efficiently.


Xiaomi MIUI Alpha Launcher is a set of renovations, that when enabled, gives a new look to the home screen of your device. It brings various features, such as an app drawer, new themes, several icon sizes, and much more. In short, it’s an attentive application that showcases new elements on the display screen of the smartphone.

Download the latest version of MIUI Alpha Launcher

Xiaomi MIUI Alpha Launcher

Update Version & Size

V4.26.0.4447-03082247 – 15.6MB


  1. Optimize the smoothness of scrolling the recent tasks list;
  2. Fix app store download app desktop loop crash
  3. Fix navigation point overlapping with widget box added after changing layout settings.

NOTE: The Application Update is only meant for some specific regions. Hence it might not work on Global ROM.


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