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Apple Music gains new ‘Discovery Station’ radio feature

Apple Music is now showing a new ‘Discovery Station’ radio feature. On the flip side, the company has revamped the animated artwork for [Your name’s] stations. It looks like there are a lot of interesting capabilities that are approaching music fans on Apple devices.

Going with the details, Apple Music subscribers can find the Discovery Station feature under the ‘Listen Now’ tab. Eventually, the manufacturer brought in a customized radio station featuring your name and a ‘Made for You’ tag. In case you are not able to see it, tap on the link below.

  • Apple Music Discovery Station – LINK

Note that the new station doesn’t play songs from your library or playlists. However, it plays songs that have a similar style to the ones you have dropped in the library. Meanwhile, [Your name’s] station brings up the songs that you have liked or played before. The feature is globally available and will soon show up on your device’s app.

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Apple Music Discovery Station feature


Apple Music gains new ‘Discovery Station’ radio feature

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