Chinese IT Ministry banned 408 apps that refused to rectify

smartphone apps

Recently, the State Information Office held a press conference to discuss the industry development and informatization of the first three-quarters of this year.

Luo Junjie, the spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Bureau of Operation Monitoring and Coordination, revealed that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology continued the special improvement of the apps, and refused to fix 408 apps.


Luo Junjie also reported that a special reform action was organized for the Internet industry to guide and urge 104 websites and mobile apps to meet aging and barrier-free transformation.

He further added that in the next phase, they will create a good combination of punches to improve the system, strengthen supervision and optimize perception, manage comprehensively and create a one-piece secure and reliable information and communication environment for users.

smartphone apps

The first is to support detailed regulations and standards and accelerate the release and implementation of the “Administrative Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information in Mobile Internet Applications” in conjunction with relevant departments.

The second is to step up reform efforts. Enterprises that refuse to improve and have recurring problems will be completely removed from the shelves, and administrative penalties will be imposed, and they will be included in credit management.

The third is to initiate a six-month special action to enhance user perception of information and communication services and urge enterprises to establish a “dual list” system for personal information security (the list of personal information collected and the third List of personal information shared with the parties).


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