Google Drive, Gmail and YouTube Music get redesigned widgets, courtesy of Material You

Material You

Following the launch of Pixel 6 series smartphones, Google officially released Android 12 for Pixel 3 and above smartphones. After all, a big part of Android 12 is Material You.

Google said that all of its apps will be updated with Material You when Android 12 launches. But, right from the start, you’re now coming to see Material You widgets coming now. With Google Drive, Gmail and YouTube Music will receive theirs soon.


Google Twitter account has sent a tweet joining Android 12 Material You Widgets, including screenshots of several Google apps. However, the most notable was the Gmail app which doesn’t yet have a Material You widget. The same is true for Google Drive and YouTube Music.

Widgets will match your icons and other Material You elements

According to the report, widgets will change when you change your wallpaper. The YouTube Music app will show you the most recently played song, then thumbs up and play/pause next to it. Then on the second line, there are shortcuts to the various playlists that you can start playing.

In Gmail, you’ll see widgets that show your inbox, with different shortcuts on the side, such as Compose, Google Chat, and Google Meet. And lastly, Google Drive will show you the search bar and search results for various documents, which are insane as well. A download button is also available.

The Google Photos widget is also helpful. Displays random images from your library in a few different settings on your Home screen. Now, this isn’t a content widget because it’s an entire image, and there’s no real border around it that can tie you to the content. Stuff You’re finally here for everyone, and it’s great to get the best fit.

Material You


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