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HiCare is a one-stop after-sales service app with many integrated functions including Send for repair, Repair reservation, Service centers, Repair progress, Spare part prices, and Live chat, aiming to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient after-sales services for Huawei end users.

What’s New:

Fixes some known bugs.

Main functions of the HiCare app are as follows:

1. Benefits: Query the service rights and benefits of your device or other devices.
2. Service centers: The GPS positioning feature on your phone is used to display nearby service centers and their addresses, phone numbers, and areas of expertise. You can select service centers based on your product model or the area where you live.
3. Repair progress: By default, it displays service records of the signed-in account. You can also query service request records using the SN/SR.
4. Spare part prices: Informs you about how much it costs to replace spare parts such as components for the touchscreen, PCBA, and camera.
5. Troubleshooting: Provides you with troubleshooting guides to quickly rectify device issues.
6. Live chat: Talk with Huawei’s professional customer service personnel for one-to-one guidance about your product.
7. Send for repair: Select your preferred mail method to send your device for repair. Your device will be returned to you as soon as it is repaired, saving you the trouble of visiting a service center in person.
8. Repair reservation: Make a reservation before visiting a service center in order to avoid having to queue up.
In addition, you can visit the Huawei/Honor forum, try the latest system versions, query service policies, call the service hotline, get in contact with sales stores, and more within the app.

Download the latest APK from below:

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