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Elon Musk restricts users to use X (Twitter) platform in Europe 

X formerly Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, is an integral part of global communication, and a hub for sharing thoughts, ideas, and news. But Elon Musk the owner of Twitter may restrict users in Europe to use this platform.

Recently, Twitter made headlines again, but this time Elon Musk imposed restrictions on Twitter usage in Europe. This move has sparked discussions and raised questions about the implications for European Twitter users.

As per the information, Elon Musk reportedly thinks it may be simpler to block X in Europe, rather than fix the massive problem with disinformation on the platform. Because X’s posts about the Hamas attack on Israeli civilians highlighted the extent of the mess.

The European Union recently wrote to Musk, reminding him of the company’s legal obligations. Taking this into consideration, Elon Musk has suggested X could stop being accessible in Europe to avoid new regulations enacted by the European Commission.

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EU X Twitter disinformation


Elon Musk restricts users to use X (Twitter) platform in Europe 

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