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Elon Musk wants Apple to drop the price for X (Twitter) creators

Elon Musk – the CEO of X (Twitter) is planning to talk to and convince Apple to a price drop in Apple Store for X creators. A major reason behind this persuasion is that these creators earn money only through subscriptions on the Twitter/X social network.

Recently, Musk added a post on the X platform asking Apple to collect 30 percent of the creator fee that Twitter keeps rather than 30 percent of the total fee that a creator on Twitter earns. However, that would be a much lower cut of the money that the company is paying out to creators.

Adding more, the CEO said that Twitter does not plan to collect any fees from creators who earn under $100,000. After the $100k mark, Twitter will collect 10 percent of a creator’s earnings, though the first 12 months will be free for all creators.

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If Apple agrees to this statement, it would be entitled to 30 percent of the 10 percent cut that Twitter takes from creators earning more than $100k. Let’s see whether Apple drop the price for Twitter (X) creators in the time ahead or not.

Apple price Twitter creators

Elon Musk wants Apple to drop the price for X (Twitter) creators

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