Call of Duty Warzone reaches 100 Million Players 

by Mohit

Before the start of Season 3, the popular shareware Battle Royale COD Warzone reached 100 million players. A video congratulation was posted on the official Twitter account of the Call of Duty franchise. It features a signpost to the city of Verdansk, the scene of the Warzone battle royale, with the caption “Welcome to Verdansk, Population 100,000,000+”.

This is not the first indicator of a project’s success. During the first day, 6 million people played the game. For comparison, on the first day, another Apex Legends battle royale gathered 2.5 million players, and in 3 days 10 million.


A week later, Warzone had 15 million players, and on the tenth day, there were already 30 million. In April last year, the player counter showed approximately 50 million. Thus, over the year, the number of players increased by half a million, and this number continues to grow. CoD Warzone has overtaken Fortnite in popularity among teenagers by-polls.

Call of Duty Warzone is a 150-player shareware battle royale. According to rumors, the map will be updated and the setting will be replaced by the “times of the cold war”. Before that, a nuclear strike will be delivered to Verdansk. In the meantime, Cod Warzone players turn into zombies and devour their opponents.

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