Latest Battlefield 6 leak reveals new audio track, futuristic drones, tornado disaster system, and more

According to the new leak, the audio track from the trailer for the upcoming military shooter Battlefield 6 has been published online.

Earlier in April, information about one of the locations of the game was leaked to the network, and information about the presence of drones in the game was also confirmed.

The new leak is rather unusual. Instead of a screenshot or video clip, a 30-second audio recording was posted online. The author claims this is a snippet of an audio track from an unrepresented Battlefield 6 trailer.

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You can hear the standard of the sound for a military shooter, in addition to background music orders are shouted to soldiers, shooting is heard in the distance, as well as the sound of an airplane flying overhead.

However, at the end of the recording, you can hear the sound of “building collapse”. Earlier in the network leaked information that the developers from DICE have significantly improved their destructibility.

According to rumors, a natural disaster system will be implemented in the military shooter Battlefield 6. A new large-scale map for 128 players will appear in multiplayer.


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