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The Division Heartland closed beta gameplay footage leaks online: Ubisoft

by Mohit

A bunch of gameplay footage from the recently announced The Division: Heartland has been leaked online. Beta testers are under the NDA, and Ubisoft will crack the video quickly. The original video footage uploaded to Vimeo has since been deleted. But this is the Internet, and like the deadliest virus in the division, videos are spreading.

The leaked footage is grain, low-res, very dull and from the perspective of a person who is mostly searching and confused with control and emotions. Ubisoft does not like to show that kind of content.

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We didn’t know much about Heartland before – it had nothing to do with the division – and now we can see that it is a third-person cover shooter with random loot dots. The non-player enemies seen in the leaked footage are called travelers and come straight out of Division 2, with enemy types ranging from whispers to heavily armed ranks. Agents can equip both guns and melee weapons and dodge rolls and sliding runs, including shooting while sliding La Apex Legends.

One obvious difference between Heartland and other division games is the rural Silver Creek map, which is reminiscent of the State of Dickey or PUBG. Between missions, players spend time at the rocket rink at the neon-soaked, modified skating rink that serves as the basis for agents’ activities at Silver Creek. Like previous divisional game bases, it is packed with NPCs with upgrades, crafting, gear and quests. Menus also confirm the presence of a bottle pass.

A leaked video shared via Twitter by SkyLeaks introduces players to lead designer Taylor Apple in closed beta and explains about Heartland.

“In this free-to-play, open-world, survival-action shooter, we move from the big cities to the small-town American town of Silver Creek,” Epperley said. “You will learn about Silver Creek and its mysterious story through a collaborative PVE mode called Expedition.”

Ironically, at the end of the video, Aprilie reminds viewers that beta testers are subject to the NDA and that they should not share this information.

Based on these leaks, Heartland appears to be expanding into The Division’s PVP Dark Zone, with eyebrows like Escape from Tarkov. And it’s another swing in the Battle Royale genre: Ubisoft’s last attempt, Hyperscape, was released last year with fewer fans.

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