Gboard’s new split keyboard feature is now rolling out for foldable smartphones

Gboard's split Keyboard

Google is always releasing new features and updates for its GMS (Google Mobile Services) applications. Recently the company launched a new app for foldable smartphone users i.e. Gboard’s Split Keyboard. This update for the keyboard will be available to the users in a short period of time.

According to the source, this keyboard is released especially for typing on the foldable device. The only reason is – depending on the foldable, it can certainly be difficult to reach all the keys on the screen when typing on the foldable.

With this latest update, the half of the keyboard is dragged to the left and the other half to the right. It makes typing more enjoyable. Some Android keyboards have had this feature for a long time, such as the Samsung keyboard, for example.

Gboard's Split Keyboard

This will help the users to type on the folding devices more easily. This keyboard is only available for beta users if you want to have access to this keyboard you have to sign in to the beta program, on the Google Playstore.

The stable version of this application will be released soon for the global foldable device users. Joining the beta program to access this keyboard does not guarantee anything because it is available only for some users right now. Talking of the features of this it will help the user to switch between the normal keyboard, floating keyboard, and split keyboard. This keyboard will have the buttons to switch it.


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