Google Keep to soon bring dual-pane UI for Samsung Android 12L devices

Google Keep to soon get dual-pane UI on foldable smartphones

Google took a step ahead and introduced the Android 12L operating system for large-screen devices such as foldable smartphones and tablets. The OS comes with some greatly improved multitasking features meanwhile to further enhance the user experience, the company announced its plan to bring dual-pane UI for more than 20 applications earlier this year.

It looks like, Google has finally decided to bring dual-pane UI, at least for the Google Keep app. A new information suggests that Google Keep received dual-pane UI, alongside a new update, on foldable smartphones and tablets running Android 12L.


Aside from Google smartphones, only a few Samsung Galaxy foldables and tablets are running on Android 12L OS at the time. Based on Android 12L, Samsung brought One UI 4.1.1 software with Galaxy Z Fold 4 last month and expanded it to some more devices including Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Tab S8, and Galaxy Tab S7.

However, only Google Pixel devices are getting the dual-pane UI with Google Keep update presently. Whereas, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 running Android 12L hasn’t yet received this feature. It’s expected that the Android 12L Galaxy devices might soon get the new Google Keep update that will install dual-pane UI.

Google Keep to soon get dual-pane UI on foldable smartphones

It should be noted that only Android devices with larger screens and more than 840dp can use Google Keep’s dual-pane design when the app is used in landscape mode, as per a help article by Google.

What is Google Keep Dual Pane UI:

After the drag and drop functionality while split screen, Google is now bringing Dual Pane view for Google Keep users. Unlike a regular split screen, this new feature allows you to browse an instance of Keep Notes on the left side of your screen while editing content on the right side of your screen.

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