How to download Samsung Good Lock on Galaxy Z Fold 4

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The best thing about Samsung One UI is the ability to highly customize your smartphone or tablet. If those are not enough for you, the company provides you with the Good Lock app, which itself consists of various modules to deliver the personalization options you’ll never find on any other smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 was launched last month and it introduces the all-new Android 12L-based One UI 4.1.1 software which brings features to make multitasking easier. Your new Galaxy smartphone already has a bunch of features to decorate your home screen, lock screen, and notification panel, meanwhile, for next-level customization features you should go for Good Lock.


Moving ahead, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the latest smartphone for the company, still, it doesn’t come pre-installed with the Good Lock application and you will have to download it separately. Inside you can find the way to install Good Lock on your Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Good Lock:

You might have personalized your Galaxy smartphone in many aspects but Good Lock is beyond everything you would have tried yet. Whether it’s the task manager, customization volume panel, creating your wallpaper, managing notifications, or changing the color of the quick settings menu, the Good Lock app lets you do them all.

Recently Samsung started rolling out a major update for the Good Lock application that not only came with some updated modules but also impressively redesigned the app user interface as well as replaced Unit and Family categories with “Make up” and “Life up” respectively.

Samsung Fold 4 Good Lock Download 

The Make up category contains the plugins to make your device more aesthetic whereas, the Life up category carries the plugins that help you use Galaxy More conveniently and easily. Additionally, each Good Lock module now shows what it is used for so you can more easily and seamlessly use the application to decorate your Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Fold 4 Good Lock Download 

How to Download Good Lock on Galaxy device:

Even though Good Lock is a Samsung-made application, its smartphones do not come pre-packed with it. If you are using Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 or any other supported Galaxy device and want to use Good Lock, you can directly download it through the link mentioned below.

Download Good Lock on Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung Fold 4 Good Lock Download 

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