Google Maps features historical street view and new camera system on Android and iOS

Google Maps has started rolling a bunch of new features including the historical street view and a new camera system for Android and iOS users. The feature “travel back in time” is also available to the Android and iOS apps.


So far, the feature was only in access by web users. Though the company introduced the feature in 2014, for some reason it was stagnant for the smartphones. However, celebrating the 15th anniversary of Street view, Google Maps has pushed off the historical trait and a compact camera system for the Android and iOS apps.

Alongside, the newly arrived Street View Studio enables you to share images in bulk. With this feature, users can publish 360 images and videos at a time. It also provides you with the ability to preview the items before uploading them.

Google Maps camera Android

A Compact Camera System

Google is implementing a portable camera framework that can be taken anywhere. Further, it weighs less than 15 pounds and is extremely customizable. The purpose of this system is to capture imagery and traditional under-mapped areas.

It can further attach lasers and scanners for gathering detailed images of lane markings, portholes, etc. On the other hand, it gets fit to any car, irrespective of the model, or size.


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