Google Maps for Android could make your long road trips easier with smart vehicles

Google continuously revises its Maps application with major or minor changes and features. This time company is planning to bring a very helpful feature for users who travels with an electric vehicle, this new offering will make long trips easier than before.

As per the information of 9To5Google, Google Maps for Android is soon going to offer planned charging stops along your route. It is just like the Google Maps app in-car experience picked up the ability to plan ahead on where to stop and recharge during a longer trip.

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But currently, the Google Maps app on Android phones doesn’t provide an option to plan a route complete with charging stations. Now with this new development, it could get possible for users, to plan their charging stations before starting long road trips.

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To offer a more relevant user experience, Google keeps on adding some or the other advancements to its applications and last year. The Google Maps app received an option to identify the engine type of their car. So that users can pick the most eco-friendly route.

Google Maps for Android

After installing this feature in your Google Maps Android app, users will not need to use Android Automotive every time. This will make the travel experience much better and easy, the Google Maps update with version 11.65, shows new signs of automatic route planning based on EV charging stations.

  • By the time you get there, your battery will be low
  • Charging stop needed to reach destination
  • Trip too long to auto-add charging stops. Add stops after you start.
  • No internet. Can’t load charging stops.
  • There aren’t enough compatible charging stations to get to your destination


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