Google TV Android app to feature a new home screen widget

Google TV Android app home screen widget

Google never lets its applications get outdated, so it keeps revising them with some tweaks and features. Keeping this in mind, Now, the developer is trying to bring a new home screen widget to the Google TV Android app, which will enhance the user experience of the application.

Back in December, Google added the Material You Design to the Google TV Android app, and now it’s preparing to introduce a new home screen widget. It has appeared in the Widget list but it’s not yet fully furnished to be utilized by users as reported by (9To5Google).

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Going by the information, the new home screen widget comes with a default size of 4×5, which will take up your whole screen and can not get smaller. Hence, we can say that it’s in the process, notably, this new feature has appeared with version

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Moving on, we can assume that, Google TV will show content recommendations directly on the widget, which is what Hulu and Netflix offers. But recurrently, there is only a short bar where “Google TV” is flanked by search (opens the keyboard) and remote shortcuts available.

For your information, Google is also preparing widgets for Google Contacts and the Google app. And the company may introduce all three widgets together.

Google TV Android app home screen widget


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