Google Messages readying new look for voice recorder user interface

Google Messages Voice recorder interface

Another day and another new tweak have appeared in the Google Messages app, this time for the voice recorder user interface. As per the input revealings, the US tech giant is planning to redesign the look of the voice recorder to enhance its consumers’ experience.

In recent times, we have collected several new pinches in the respective application. For instance – new read receipts icons, the addition of profile image, and a few more improvements that can promote the efficient functioning of Google Messages.

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As of now, the Android maker is trying to extend the convenience of users by redesigning the voice recorder interface of Google Messages. Eventually, you will find suitable and prominent changes in the upcoming revamped voice recorder.

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Initially, we were bound with the “keep holding till you finish” haul while recording voice messages. Further, we can opt for ‘Slide to cancel’ and can check the duration at the left corner of the bar.

Google Messages Voice recorder interface

However, things will be different in the new look, where you will be able to tap a fresh round icon for the recording. Besides, you will find the time elapsed indicator that highlights the pitch level in a wave layout.

Next, you can hit the stop button once done with the recording and thereafter can check your message by playing it back. The options will be available as ‘Restart’ and ‘Done’ in the new voice recorder user interface.

Google Messages Voice recorder interface

Thus, these changes and unique animations will give you relief from the traditional method of recording the voice message, and sending it to your family/ friends.

So far, the company has not confirmed when it will release the fresh design for the respective aspect in Google Messages. Though we could see some tweaks regarding this point in the forthcoming versions.


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