Google will close Fi service in classic Hangouts, may launch new messaging app

Google has informed its Fi subscribers that its discontinueing Fi services on classic Hangout. However, the company also shown users how to transfer their conversation to Message by Google.

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According to Google, it is revealed that a free version of Google Chat is set to launch in 2021. Users will have option to use another texting app, but Messages is getting a major update that’s tailored to Fi customers and adds classic features better than Hangouts.

Upcoming feature Web for Message, allow you  to  use your computer to text with your friends and it show’s what’s on your Message mobile app. Check more details linked below.

Option 1: Send and receive texts only (chat features available with this option)

Send and receive texts with chat features, like high-resolution photos. Once you turn on texting on your computer, you still need your phone to stay connected. Messages for web sends SMS text messages with a connection from your computer to your phone. Carrier fees apply, like on the mobile app.

Option 2: Text, make calls, and check voicemail that sync to your Google Account (chat features not available with this option)

Make calls, send texts, and check voicemail with your phone or computer. Even when your phone is off, text conversations stay synced across the Messages mobile app, Messages for web, and Hangouts (while Hangouts supports Fi).


  • Call history is stored online for 180 days and doesn’t sync with the Google Phone app.
  • Text messages and voicemail are stored online until you delete them. Learn more about how to delete your texts, call history, and voicemail.

If you don’t switch to Messages or another texting app by January 19th, 2021 your phone will default to using your phone’s standard SMS app at that time. Please note that your text message history won’t be transferred from Hangouts, but you can always download it using.

Source: Google

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