Android Auto navigation fix bug

Latest major update smashes Google Assistant on Android Auto 

Google keeps on making changes in the functionalities of Android Auto to offer users a more prominent experience, but sometimes it gets contrasting, just like the recent one. After the latest major update, some users are encountering issues with the functioning of Google Assistant on their Android Auto.

As per the details, the recent updates to Android Auto seem to be causing problems with Google Assistant for some users. When trying to activate Google Assistant in the car, Android Auto bounces back with an error saying oops, something went wrong, and this is leaving users in trouble and disappointed at the same time.

However, several users have reported this issue on Google’s support forum but they have got no response or a fix for it so far. Notably, voice commands are key to a seamless experience as they can handle starting calls, controlling music, setting destinations, and more.

If you are also facing this issue then don’t be worried much, as Google may release a fix for this problem soon, so that users can take advantage of the Android Auto features seamlessly.

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Latest major update smashes Google Assistant on Android Auto 

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