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YouTube Music to soon get redesigned Cast sheet on Android 

The cast sheet on Android is soon going to be redesigned, as YouTube Music is testing a change for the Cast UI that makes use of a bottom sheet. After implementing the latest modification, users will get a sheet with rounded corners that first lists Suggested targets and then Other devices.

When you’re Casting, you get a minimal Playing on the sheet with just a volume slider instead of replicating the artwork. This seems much more compact and looks like video player settings from the main YouTube app. It’s also worth noting that the play and pause buttons have been removed.

To be mentioned, this redesigned cast sheet of YouTube Music on Android Auto is currently under testing and is expected to be available for users soon.

Other than this, YouTube Music on Android is also releasing a redesigned overflow menu gradually, which will elevate the experience and offer users a more seamless Music streaming. The application now offers large buttons at the top of the sheet for Play Next, Save to Playlist, and Share.

YouTube Music redesigned Cast sheet


YouTube Music to soon get redesigned Cast sheet on Android 

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