Latest Samsung Internet Beta adds new bookmark bar and improves cross-device functionality

Recently, Samsung began releasing the stable 14.0 version of the Internet, which is available for beta testers and regular users to download through the Google Play Store and Galaxy Store.

According to Changelog, it brings three new features, including security control panels, support for font applications on web pages, and a smart anti-tracking feature.

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Within a few days of the new stable release, the beta app of the native Samsung browser will receive a new update to improve the Chromium-based web-browsing experience. However, the latest release has so far introduced two new features.

The first feature was the addition of a new bookmark bar to make it easier for users of large-screen devices such as Galaxy tablets or Z-fold phones to manage their favorite websites.

The second is a big improvement somehow because it improves the overall browsing experience. In it, Samsung Internet users can now set up a cross-connection to share links to other Galaxy devices and to manage browsing posts between pages.


  • Go to Internet Settings
  • Click on Useful features
  • Hit, Open links in other apps

Lastly, Samsung Internet Beta version 14.2.1 available from Thursday as per the Central European Time. Therefore, the new version of this browser should be available for download worldwide. Besides, if you are interested to use the new features, you can download the app via Galaxy/Play Store.

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