Gmail adding External badge on email chats from outside Google Workspace organization

Google is adding more features to the range of its web-based email service – Gmail, to prevent accidental data loss. In this case, the US-based company is adding an additional external badge.

It’s a reminder that you are currently communicating with a user outside the Google Workspace, as well as your registered contacts.

This external icon is placed on a tablet-shaped surface at the top of the Gmail interface. The background is yellow/orange and is written in black with an external label indicating that you are currently communicating with an outsider.

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When you add a recipient name, it will show you a warning message, “Make sure this is the person you trust, this person does not belong to your organization and is not in your contacts” It is clearly visible due to the bright color.

A warning note appears when you are preparing for a specific person’s answer. Additionally, Google has installed this feature as the default function, but users can disable it manually in the workspace.


The new external warning feature is currently rolling out for the Gmail applications installed on Android, and all the Android consumers of G Suite Basic and Busines can utilize it to avoid unintentional data damage.

In addition, it will later be sent on iOS devices, so need not worry about it. That’s all we have for the moment, we will update you further as we get any news on the subject. Since then stay tuned.


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