OnePlus user recalls ‘old restrictions’ feature of OxygenOS Community app

OnePlus Community app restrictions feature

OnePlus has recently rolled out a new update for the OxygenOS Community app with several useful changes. But looks like, a few users still love some previous elements of the application. In the latest edition, a OnePlus user recalled how good were the old restrictions feature of the Community App.

Recently, a OnePlus user stepped into the Community forum and shared a thread on the old restrictions feature for the respective app. Further, the consumer highlighted how the previous add-ons of the Community application were effective in real life.

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Adding more details, the user hints at the 15 days restrictions. As the term reflects, the mentioned feature prohibits anyone to make a new thread on the application before 15 days.

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Eventually, this was a great step to avoid spam and false posts on the community forum. However, nowadays that’s not the case anymore. We see a bunch of information on the huge platform but often get confused about whether they are accurate or just some meaningless pages.

OnePlus Community app restrictions feature

Following the thread, a user said that there were some functions that were used to merge the threads with the existing ones and closed if they were redundant. Although, that’s quite not possible with the new layout of the application.

” I was checking some old messages in the Community to delete the spam ones, and after reading it I saw that in the old Community, we had 15 days restrictions. No one could create a thread before 15 days, that was a great way to stop spam posts. I don’t know whether we still have this restriction for new accounts or not, if not then add this.”

Yes, such features should remain in the application to maintain productivity among users. Do you still see this feature in the app? Let us know in the comment section.


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